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Our motto is "Clean Village = Happy Village" and that couldn't be more true for gyms and other health clubs. Your members are paying to use your facility to improve themselves both physically and mentally. Investing in a professional cleaning company for your gym & health club facility means you are investing in the mental and physical health of your members and a strong culture of community among your members. We take that investment seriously! 

Village Cleaning Services offers two systematic solutions for cleaning gym & fitness facilities of different sizes and usecases. 

  •  "GYM SYSTEM SANITIZER": Our cleaning regimen designed to provide gyms & health clubs with quality, regularly-recurring disinfecting + standard janitorial services. It is tailored to giving gyms who partner with Village Cleaning Services, LLC. an advantage via what we call the "It is super clean" word-of-mouth factor. 

    • Lockers​

    • Bathrooms and showers

    • Sauna + Steam rooms

    • Weights & machines

    • Floors, carpets & facility walls

    • Management offices and team spaces

    • Interior windows

    • + More 

  • "GYM SPRINTS; " is our one-time office cleaning and disinfecting offering specifically for gyms and health clubs. We are agile for when you need us to come deep clean specific areas/items or provide overall janitorial services at any time. Designed to bring you gym & health club facility "back to life" in a hurry.

  • A few features of both regimens:

    • Commercial-grade bagged/sealed vacuums with HEPA filtration. 

    • Microfiber/dust-trapping supplies/equipment

    • Option for All-Green Clean

    • Customize OFFICE SYSTEM SANITIZER to meet your cleaning needs!

    • Village Cleaning Services, LLC. is open to working with business owners to add specialized services that more closely meet your business' specific needs!



Step 1: CALL US - 313.330.4520

Step 2: A walk through of your facility to listen closely & learn the cleaning/disinfecting and budgetary goals for your business.

Step 2: Our people draft up a specialized GYM SYSTEM SANITIZER regimen for your office space. We review it with you. We align!


Step 3: Lock-in how often you need us to come each week; negotiate a final monthly payment price based on our estimate; handle other "housekeeping" details.

Step 4: We come in on our first day and start cleaning! We bring all of our supplies and leave with all of your trash (to your facilities dumpster.) 


Step 1: CALL US - 313.330.4520

Step 2: On the call, tell us about your gym or health club facility, or what specific item you need cleaned in it, when, and where. We may ask you to send us photos or videos of the space, is permissible, to help us provide the best service and most accurate price estimate.

Step 3: We give you an a quick price estimate. We agree (Woohoo!) And handle other "housekeeping" details.

Step 4: A Village Cleaning Services team comes to your office at the earliest available, or otherwise agreed upon time. And we start cleaning!​

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