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Cleaning a space that holds religious significance and thus deserving utmost reverence regardless of any group/denomination, etc. is a responsibility we take seriously at Village Cleaning Services, LLC. Our mission in servicing religious facilities is simple: Help your place of worship and members to THRIVE in a space that is clean, healthy, and ready to host the most important spiritual rituals, proceedings and a home for your community in faith.

In a post COVID-19 pandemic world, ensuring your place of worship is disinfected and ready for your members is paramount. Village Cleaning Services, LLC. offers to systematic cleaning regimens to meet the needs to religious facilities in Metro Detroit.

  •  "SILENT SYSTEM SANITIZER" is our cleaning regime designed to provide religious facilities and other places of worship with quality, regularly-recurring disinfecting of high-contact surfaces + standard janitorial services. Our cleaners operate with the utmost respect, silence, and professional integrity in your space. We are committed to learning and respectfully adhering to any rules or cultural norms held when entering or operating in your religious space.

  • "SILENT SANITIZER SPRINT " is our one-time cleaning and disinfecting solution for religious facilities. We are agile for when you need us -- perfect for preparing for your faith-community gatherings or cleaning up after, or just Spring cleaning in your place of worship!

  • A few features of both regimens:

    • Commercial-grade bagged/sealed vacuums with HEPA filtration. 

    • Microfiber/dust-trapping supplies/equipment

    • Option for All-Green Clean

    • Power-washing in applicable areas

    • Customize OFFICE SYSTEM SANITIZER to meet your cleaning needs!

    • Village Cleaning Services, LLC. is open to working with business owners to add specialized services that more closely meet your business' specific needs!



Step 1: CALL US - 313.330.4520

Step 2: A walk through of your religious facility to listen closely & learn the cleaning/disinfecting, cultural education notes to be mindful of, and budgetary goals for your business.

Step 2: Our people draft up a specialized SILENT SYSTEM SANITIZER regimen for your place of worship. We review it with you. We align!


Step 3: Lock-in how often you need us to come each week; negotiate a final monthly payment price based on our estimate; handle other "housekeeping" details.

Step 4: We come in on our first day and start cleaning! We bring all of our supplies and leave with all of your trash (to your facilities dumpster.)  


Step 1: CALL US - 313.330.4520

Step 2: On the call, tell us about your religious facility space, what you need cleaned in it, when, and where. We may ask you to send us photo or video or the space, is permissible.

Step 3: We give you an a quick price estimate. We agree (Woohoo!) And handle other "housekeeping" details.

Step 4: A Village Cleaning Services team comes to your office at the earliest available, or otherwise agreed upon time. And we start cleaning!​​​

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