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Specialized Floor Care & Auto Scrubbing

When you want your hard floors to look and feel cleaner than what a mop & bucket can provide, Village Cleaning Services has you covered with our on-demand auto-scrubber floor care services. While mopping often pushes dirt and germs around your floor, the Village Cleaning Service auto scrubber agitates dirt & grease trapped in your hard floor surface, lifts it and sucks it up and out of your facility. Get professional-grade floor care results without having to purchase and manage your own floor scrubber. Perfect for facilities with polished concrete!

1. Customize-
We learn your exact floor care needs and create a plan tailored to meet them. Depending on your floor type and condition, we offer different types of pads and solutions to make your floors shined and sanitized.

2. Transparent: Open-book pricing, employment practices, and services reviewed and agreed with you as the client. No surprises.

3. Systematic: We come in, unload our equipment at your door, do our job, tidy up after, and get out!

4. Customer Obsessed: Our mission is your satisfaction 100% of the time.



Step 1: CALL 313.330.4520 or click the button below to schedule online.

Step 2: A walk-through of your facility & on-the-spot, open-book pricing.

Step 3: We align on facility availability and when the best time for our team to clean is.

Step 4: We start cleaning!

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